A big sensation in the fashion world — Inna Sigle — Fashion TV editor-in-chief

Recently, the most discussed topic among the capital’s beau monde was Inna Sigle, editor-in-chief of Fashion TV. No one can believe that such a high position could go to a young beauty. Having started working for Fashion TV, Inna Sigle had no idea that soon her name would become a real trend. The very presence of the beauty at fashion shows is the cherry on the cake for any designer. Metropolitan couturiers literally flooded the beauty with requests and offers. It is rumored that in November, she has already scheduled several shoots in the U.S., and sometimes she just physically does not have time to cope with the amount of work she is faced with. Nevertheless, Inna Sigle approaches her duties on Fashion TV with incredible responsibility. After such a high-profile event magazine «Glamour» immediately put the beauty on the cover. 

In the short period of time Sigle even managed to release a music track «Mouse», when it was accidentally discovered that she has stunning vocal data with a wide vocal range. However, the beauty is not going to get too conceited and now, together with the Fashion TV team is preparing a new project called «Modeler», created especially for young talented designers who dream to get into the world of fashion. The project will be held in a format of a reality show, where famous designers and show-business stars will take part as a jury.

According to the opinion of the beauty, almost everyone can build a successful career. To do this, you need to apply a universal formula for success, which works without fail in any direction. It lies in self-discipline and the ability to work in a team, where everyone is responsible for his work. In her interviews, Sigle often says that she is incredibly lucky to work with the Fashion TV team, and with these people, she plans to realize hundreds of creative projects in the near future, opening up new bright names in big fashion and show business.